Call me…

…the biggest dumbass ever.


Closed with a strong lock,

deeply hidden in the nowhere.

Impossible to open it,

Impossible to find it.

You have the key.

How can people think it’ll have a Happy End? How could I (!) think that? Seems some people don’t deserve it. 

Better to run away like always. To leave all, start new, make new mistakes, new fails, new heavy backpacks to carry. Running away isn’t a good decision? Possibly. 

What’s then? It’ll be like all had never exist…like I had never exist. Sure? Sure. We can’t leave nothing what we never had. We can’t leave the “Never” because life is a whole proof of it. 

And yes, I abuse this wonderful Blog as a corner where I can cry like a little baby. I’m done with posting colorful stuff to not to let people worry. And I’m just a nobody. So what?! If I decide to cry like a 2 y/o child- let me. 

And tomorrow I’ll post flowers again for you that none need to worry. I’ll try to find some- for you and for me.

#nopoem #nohappyend 


2 thoughts on “Call me…

  1. just yesterday, a friend said that my blog doesn’t do my work justice. Said I was abusing it. I chose to disagree with her.
    It’s our blog, yours is yours and mine is mine, and tbh, it’s the true-to-heart accounts that are sometimes better than the literary stories and poems.
    As for running away, I think its human instinct coming into play, that fight or flight action we read about in school. Running away, or choosing to run away, is normal and acceptable. And I have done my fair share of it. But I always remember those times with much more vibrancy where instead of flight I stood up to fight.
    And as macabre as it is, in real life, there are no happy endings. Only endings that we have to make do with 😥

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