More than a bubble of nothing?

Many years ago i was searching for a way to find my personal roots, to calm down my brain and to ground myself. I found that way in the world and with help of my Handy cam.

I did not think about to show the pictures to someone other – it was just for me.
Some time ago a friend told me it would be cool to make my pictures public. I thought by myself he is kidding me but his words let me think. So i started a page on Facebook, then Twitter and now I am here with my own WordPress site. Dunno what will happen. But one thing is a fact: YOU see this site and it’s possible you smile (about my bad english maybe but also about the pictures i made – maybe). That’s all i want: to let people smile.

There are so amazing views in the world around us which want to be seen. And with every new year since our birth we close the eyes a bit more. That’s sad or it isn’t?

I still don’t have more than my Handy cam but my eyes.
You can be a part of what i see- through my eyes. Come with me on my tour through my world – wherever I am.


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