Sitting here, fighting with myself –

with knowing nothing about how’s and why’s –

smile if I wake up.


Nothing else matters

May these words reach your ears…

To meet someone like you,
does not happen often.
I guess there is no one like you-
a gift, fallen angel
on the earth’s ground,
a human fairy tale.
Nothing else matters anymore.

Every night I dream of you,
even before I knew you’re alive.
I see you in every green of trees, in every gray of stones,
in every cloud a piece of you.
In every sound of animals
I hear you whisper,
in every wind I feel your breath.
With every heartbeat of mine I feel your steps on that ground.
I hear you screaming in the storm and see your tears in every falling raindrop.
Nothing else matters anymore.

You’re gone and no god knows to where and if you’ll come back.
I know you’re somewhere.
Patiently I paint pictures of the future I’ll create and let them happen.
I have to be alone to grow,
I know that and put all my trust in you – may the “never”
never happen.
I have to go my ways alone
and I will not give up.
Nothing else matters anymore.

I carry you in my chest,
no battle I fight can break me.
Every blink of my eyes
you are with me.
All footprints I leave
I take you with me.
With every breathe I take
I inhale the love
to give it back.
Every word I speak
is my poem for you.
Nothing else matters anymore.

nothing else matters anymore.