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A little story about fighter

Once a flower was born, not like she should be and not like expected. She was set to a grave of an unknown person to make at least 1 thing right. People could see how she withered and the ghosts cried about her – about the wasted life of a flower. 

One day a photographer came to the cemetery to practise something. The person wasn’t in a good mood,was hoping to find something what can enlighten the own dark thoughts and something inspiring.

The photographer saw her laying in trash and the eyes were filled with tears. “How people can’t see the beauty in the wonderful flower? Why they put her in trash and gave her a stamp like ‘not useable anymore’ ?”

What happened between an “ugly” flower and the sad photographer? 

The flower was found, her beauty was seen, the stamp was taken away. Now all people can see her beauty and she will never die cuz it’s bound on a picture of the photographer. She will be in the photographer ‘s thoughts and heart forever because she was showing her light. 

Open your eyes and you’ll see beauty where it isn’t supposed to be…

So much…

…Love but not able to share like it’s supposed to be. 

It’s handcuffed, tied and banned behind thousand of miles. 

It hurts it to know, to feel but not able to be real. 

It has to stay away to keep you happy without all what it’s supposed to give. 

Born in the wrong body, at the wrong time and on the wrong side of the earth but it’s there. 

Handcuffed, tied and banned behind thousand of miles. 

It exist.

It cries.

It waits.